“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michelangelo.”

Mark Twain


A land fulfilled by art, moulded by history and culture, where natural and urban landscapes build the perfect scenario.

And there’s more to add: lifestyle, fashion, food, that certain unmistakeable feeling. This is Italy, these are the ingredients of a journey through Italy.

For more than 20 years, audrey has been a Destination Management Company dedicated to Italy, to build experiences that share the Italian passion with those who take part into them.

Culture, art, groups, tourism, events, meetings: whatever your reason and need, our goal is to make you live the perfect Italian experience. As a MICE agency, we share our Italian passion, not forgetting to put innovation, reliability and the skills we developed through time, in our work.

Tailoring and design are keywords to understand the Italian way, and tailoring and design are our inspiration when it comes to meet your desires.

Art or culture, food, landscape: whatever bit of Italy you want, we are here to study your customized path, through famous spots and almost secret, unspoiled treasures.