“Made in Italy. Made of Beauty.”



Italian Style is somewhat a part of Italian DNA, it is what really ties the country together, from up north to down south.

Every region could be explored using a “taste radar”, one that could fulfil ears, eyes, mouth, hands, cherishing and nurturing the brain. Sand becomes glass under your eyes in Venice, where you can buy unique pieces. Luxury is synonymous of fashion in Milan shops. Every bite you take of every single Sicilian food specialty is an experience itself. And wine… well, every Italian region could claim to be the best wine maker: they all deserve the title.

Within 20 years of working in this sector, we developed a network of relation that we offer you to discover both the talents and the best Italian products. As it takes a true insider to explore our food, great wines, atelier, exclusive boutiques, as well as the traditional craftsmen’s “bottega” where the miracle of taste takes place.

That’s why audrey offers you tailored shopping trails along Italian luxury and taste, with the aid of dedicated, expert personal shoppers who will guide you on the search for the best findings.

We want you to always remember our country and passion, we want our visitors to become Italian Style ambassadors, as we are this proud of our DNA.