“The name of Italy has magic in its very syllables.”

Mary Shelley


Here in Italy you have the scenario, the right spirit, the language, even, that make an event a memorable one.

Locations’ kind of grandness may vary a lot, as well as the activities that can take place within them, but “grand” is always the word to describe them.

What you need is at the centre, is the inspiration that leads to craft the perfect event.

Think about what is going to better deliver a company message. It is a splendid, ancient country? Do you need the unique frame of green, sweet hills? Are you looking for a city known all over the world for its beauty? Do you want to meet the unexpected, or to celebrate with the classics?

Having worked for 20 years as a MICE agency, we offer you our experience and connections, and we plan for you events that are unique, events that test our creativity to give you something unforgettable.

Our teams ensure smooth, seamless events both for companies and discerning individuals. Parties, caterings, evenings, meetings: everything you need is, simply, our job to create.